'Til Sunday by Nairoby Otero photo credit: Dierdra Schoo

'Til Sunday by Nairoby Otero
photo credit: Dierdra Schoo

"A singular tour de force."
Broadway World LA

"No description of this or that incident or event in 'Til Sunday can do justice to the sheer holistic power of Otero's play and her performance."

"'TIl Sunday, a one-woman show seamlessly written and performed by Nairoby Otero."
Gia On the Move

"Writer/Performer Nairoby Otero balances hope with disappointment perfectly."
See it or Skip it LA

Animals Out of Paper by Rajiv Joseph photo credit: Shira Friedman   

Animals Out of Paper by Rajiv Joseph
photo credit: Shira Friedman


Discovering the Artist: Interview with Nairoby Otero of 'A Kid Like Jake'

"Otero is dead on with her balance of unsympathetic frankness and compassionate support."
 NYTheatre Now

"...compelling is Nairoby Otero’s Ilana. Otero gives the character her needed peaks and valleys of humor and pathos. Ilana can easily slip into caricature, but Otero keeps her character away from that fate by injecting into each of her lines a transcendent honesty familiar to anyone who has ever had something, and then lost it."
The Public Review

"As Ilana, Nairoby Otero embodies her character's initial reticence fully. She uses her body language and slouchy posture to indicate that Ilana has lost hope and delivers her lines with the appropriate amount of bite."
Broadway World

"Ilana, played by the stunning Nairoby Otero...truly touching, genuine, and so truthfully acted by Otero, a true theatre star."  

"Otero masters that disheveled, sleep-till-noon, never-leave-my-robe indolence that tragedy often elicits...Otero is perfect as a woman skirting with the edge of her breaking point."  

"Nairoby Otero’s Ilana is a bitch-on-wheels when we meet her, fending off these intrusive, bothersome men.  She manages to shift out of that crouch and blooms into a woman ready to get it together."  
Front Row Center

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley
photo credit: Shira Friedman

"Nairoby Otero as Roberta is a wondrous feisty spitfire, whose energy never subsides and deeply conveys the character’s poignant sense of despair...expertly delivers Shanley’s identifiably unique dialogue, getting all of the laughs while achieving pathos." 
 Theatre Scene

"Michael Micalizzi and Nairoby Otero (as Roberta and Danny) are capable actors who elicited sympathy and understanding for often unsympathetic characters."
Theatre Profile

"Micalizzi and Otero are electric as the duo who transition from strangers to the only two people in the world who know each other best...such raw performances from her cast, you’d think you were actually a fly on the wall in some dive bar." 
Stage Buddy

"Ms. Otero plays with a great clarity of intention; she doesn’t back down from Roberta’s single-minded resolve to “fix” Danny, or more accurately to play out a fantasy in an attempt to convince herself it’s possible for her to love and be loved...Ms. Otero and Mr. Micalizzi have an easy chemistry as a couple." 

Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck photo credit: Charlie Rubin

Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck
photo credit: Charlie Rubin

"Nairoby Otero is an absolute delight, radiating warmth and humor. The true heart of the play, she always seems to possess a wry smile that she uses rather effectively, even when talking about getting an abortion, conjuring up her deceased mother’s spirit for guidance, or trying to convince her abused friend to call the cops."  
The Examiner