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This, ladies and gentlemen, this is my Abuela. Yes, my very own! She’s a source of laughs, stories and advice. She’s the mother of three and the grandmother of six. 

Don’t let this picture fool you, she isn’t just smiles and cigars. No, no, Abuela has seen it all, dear website visitor. I mean, c’mon--she lived through the Castro regime! Thankfully, she made it to the U.S. with her children in 1971 and has been making chess players’ hearts flutter on the streets of New Orleans ever since. Not on the streets like that, she’s a class act!

Abuela does not suffer fools and is as tough as nails. Does escaping Castro’s Cuba ring a bell here?

Recently, she became somewhat of a Facebook “celeb” to my friends and family. Known online as simply Abuela--she will only sign her name as such. It’s “Abuela” in greeting cards, receipts and even funeral guest books.  

When putting together this website, I thought that I could perhaps use her fame to boost mine.  You see, Abuela is great at giving advice. Once she told me, “If you borrow money, borrow from a pessimist, they won’t expect it back.” So why not use this opportunity to let her give you advice?!

Think of it this way: You give a grandmother something to do and in return you get the wisdom that only a cigar smoking Abuela can give. Win-win-win!

You've heard of Dear Abby, this is Dear Abuela. Just send a pregunta (Spanish for "question") and make a donation (English for "cash money").  I'll have Abuela answer it.